New for 2017..Wild Duo Raw Roots Rock from Zombo's newest band..

The Hexmen Live At Howlers Jan 6 and Feb 3.


Vertigogo At the shakedown



Tuesday, July 19th at Howlers 9pm


DaiKaiju! and Vertigo-go




Here's a few shots of Th' Royal Shakes at the under the bridge Zombie Rum Party 8/ gig 10/10 at Hambones with The Rockin' Bones!

Be on the lookout for The Rockin' Bones for the Halloween Season.


Rex Theater with DICK DALE on August 9th.



The Super Party Rock sound of...

Check out our next action packed show at The RANT Music Festival on August 15th..

festival details at

Oakmont Car Show on August 22nd at 4pm.

And Vertigo-go's latest shows!

Rex Theater with DICK DALE on August 9th..Message me to get your tickets!

RANT Music Festival on August 15th details at





Super Rock Party mayhem! Screaming, Untamed and Depraved! A frantic five! Ska Saxaphone. Surf Guitar.

Garage Rock Bass Gal. Rockabilly Drummer. and Zombo.

Robot Cowboy on Lead Guitar and Vocals. Eric Singer on Sax. Blair Powell on Drums.

Juile Devine on Bass and Zombo on Guitar and Lead Vocals


And Yeah...Vertigo-go!

Check them out NOW!

Arsenal Lanes on Tuesday, December 23rd at 10pm.


Yes, Dig in...It's the latest from members of ZOWIE, The Vibro Champs with Zombo back on that fast picking bass.

Power Surf instrumentals and solid retro/nuevo roaring madness! New CD out!






Gigs and open dates Fall 2014

Oct 18th- Maggie's Farm Distillery

Oct 23rd- Tiki Lounge-Southside

Oct 28th- Arsenal Lanes (The Zombie Bowling Ball)

Oct 30th-The Monster Chiller Halloween Rock N Roll Show-Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH

Oct 31st- 99 Bottles in Carnegie

For booking other dates email

Oh Yeah!

The debut of Zombo's Ultimate Monster Combo!

The Rocking Bones are a Graveyard smash!.

Classics Monster Tuneage Frankenstiened with Cool Creepy Surf Instrumentals

and Raw 60's Garage rock with a Wild stage show.

Maggie's Farm Rum Distillery near Downtown Pittsburgh in The Strip.

Zombie Party!

Sunday June 27th 4-8pm




Our 14th and final year at Cedar Point was another blast (also DJ Zombo was on the Midway on Saturday and Sunday afternoons!) Thanks for 14 Fun years!

2013 Schedule!

October 12th, Again, we play the one and only Zombie Walk in Pittsburgh..And this year Zombo is welcoming it to Arsenal Park in's rocking out with 5,000 plus zombies! That night we play a groovy Brain Eaters Ball at Arsenal Lanes!

October 18th..The Graveyard Rockers return to 99 Bottles Tavern in Carnegie..10pm show...if it's anything like last are in for a hell of a good time!

October 19th we play at the outrageous CASTLE BLOOD Hearse-Rod Show! at 3pm! Visit the Castle Blood website for all the gory details!

Then on Oct 31st, Halloween Night..It's the second annual Zombie Bowling Ball with The Graveyard Rockers..A Zombie Pin up contest..and lots of ooky surprises! Arsenal Lanes starting at 8pm..No Cover!

North Canton Library (our only Ohio gig this year) on Wednesday, October 30th at 7pm.

Here's a cool photo of us at the Akron Civic Theatre we played and Zombo Dj'ed their amazing Masque of the Red Death Ball on Saturday, Oct, 27th. This was a HUGE event !

CD out NOW.."Gravest Hits" 7 brand new monster rockers added to a huge collection of some of our groovy spooky tunes that span over 15 years! With a great cover by El Gato Gomez.




Wow! the “Graveyard Rockers!”…just like the old King Dapper Combo, but with a more appropiate name and a more 50’/60’s vintage rocking sound are booked for The Fall of 2010 at Cedar Point Amusement Park's Halloweekends.

Zombo, Skeeter, Kogar and Ratfink dig into our 13th Season!

The Seven weeks of last year flew by and we had the best shows ever. A ton of our performances are on YOUTUBE. Check 'em out. Loads of fun, Lots of Monsters and incredible weather made it amazing. We will see you at some choice local gigs, too.

And also this year as in the past, Zombo not only DJ's over the Haunted Arcade, but also is the announcer for The Midway Monster Invasion Celebration Parade that was totally a jaw dropping spectacle that runs through the whole park..


KDC is now in the movies. We provided quite a bit of soundtrack music to the incredibly cool film, AMERICAN SCARY. It’s a documentary on the history of Horror Movie hosts, it’s a real gas seeing such luminaries as Ghoulardi and Zacherly and hearing our tunes in the background!

And here's a slide show of some past musical mischef...



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